Quite simply…we entertain!

CBP is a group of experienced magicians that concentrate on your wedding celebration.  We make sure that both you and your guests are having a good time.

Consider these numbers…

What people said AFTER the wedding day:

72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.

Almost 100% said they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

78% of brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority.

81% of guests say the thing they remember the most about a reception is the entertainment.

These statistics were published in St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine 2003. Sources include Simmons, 2001; USA Today, 2002; National Bridal service, 2001; The Knot, 2002; Brides Magazine, 2001.

Basically, if you want your wedding reception to be both unique and memorable, why not consider magic at your wedding reception?

Think of it this way…

Ask yourself what you considered memorable at the wedding receptions you had attended in the past.  Probably the most entertainment that you get at the majority of wedding receptions is (of course) the band and/or the DJ.  At CBP, we’re encouraging you to add magic, partly because it is a bit different but mostly because it will keep your guests entertained.  We can almost guarantee that magic will make your reception a distinct experience and an enjoyable time for your guests for years to come.

Let us give you a few examples where magic can make your reception STAND OUT from the other receptions that you have been to:

Consider that awkward period between the wedding and the arrival of the wedding participants at the reception.  CBP would entertain your guests with “Walk around magic” and allow the guests (many of whom are complete strangers to one another, and now have to sit and stare at each other for the next hour or two), a chance to talk with one another, laugh together and enjoy their time together BEFORE the meal/party begins.

Most every reception will have a DJ or a band to entertain. CBP can make a nice break from dancing. While dinner digests, the magician can provide 15 - 30 minute show filled with fun and laughter. 

Will there be lots of children present?   A children's show and some balloon animals can provide a great diversion for the youngsters while the adults mingle.

So as you see by these examples and to reference our slogan at the top of our page, Quite simply…we entertain!  The service that we are offering surely is not rocket science, but it is true entertainment that is fun, interactive and the perfect complement to your day.  Let’s face it, your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life, and you should make it one of your most magical as well!

John Mansholt

Owner and Prestidigitator

Crazy Bunny Productions